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Rides for the coming week:
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Sunny and great temps but shorter daylight. Ride when you can, Ride safe and Be Safe and remember to hydrate and use your sun bloc.

Heads Up! The bridge on New Haven Road, east of Rolling Hills Road, is being rebuilt. The road is closed for about 9 weeks.

Post a Ride! Instead of scheduling planned rides, we will be asking riders to post a ride they are planing to make as an invitation for others to join them. Initially we are asking you to post a planned ride on either the Columbia Bicycle Club Facebook Page “Columbia Bike Club” ; Easy Riders Facebook Page “Columbia Easy Riders” or send your planned ride to “bikeclub@columbiabikeclub.com” And we will post it.

If you have a preference for a ride route please let me know and we will also share that information for your planning and coordination

Schedule updates will now be twice a week, usually on Sunday and Wednesday. Rides start based on individual planning. The Club Meeting is at 7:30 PM, anything else is a "fat finger error" :)
For daily schedule changes check the Columbia Bicycle Club or Columbia Easy Riders on Facebook:

Schedule & Route information available at http://columbiaeasyriders.com

As with all Columbia Bicycle Club rides wearing of a helmet is mandatory. Please have a water bottle and spare tube with you. There will be someone with a pump and the knowledge of how to change a tire on the ride. However you will need a spare tube if you have a flat.
Usual Starting Locations: Louisville Park (corner of Smith Road and Louisville);
        Perry Philips Park (Off Gans)
       Burr Oak Brewery (Please park on the street)
       Fairgrounds South Gate
      Airport (Overflow Lot)
Wednesday: Sept 15 Sunny with temps in 80s Noon about 79 Sunset 7:16 pm
Thursday: Sept 16 Sunny with temps in 80s Noon about 76 Sunset 7:15 pm
Friday: Sept 17 Sunny with temps in 90s Noon about 77 Sunset 7:13 pm  
Saturday: Sept 18 Sunny with temps in 90s Noon about 77 Sunset 7:12 pm
Sunday: Sept 19 Mostly Sunny with temps in 90s Noon about 79 Sunset 7:10 pm
Monday: Sept 20 Partly Cloudy with temps in 80s  Noon about 78 Sunset 7:08 pm
Tuesday: Sept 21 Partly Cloudy with temps in 80s Noon about 74 Sunset 7:07 pm
Wednesday: Sept 22 32% Chance of Wet with temps in 70s Noon about 65 Sunset 7:05 pm
Rides during Week
Please post your rides
Watch Facebook for invitations to ride
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