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Who left the freezer door open? We seem to be going backwards as a cold blast shatters the week. Wet, cold and intermittent glimpses of the sun. Ride safe if you can, bundle up and remember to hydrate.

Post a Ride! Instead of scheduling planned rides, we will be asking riders to post a ride they are planing to make as an invitation for others to join them. Initially we are asking you to post a planned ride on either the Columbia Bicycle Club Facebook Page “Columbia Bike Club” ; Easy Riders Facebook Page “Columbia Easy Riders” or send your planned ride to “bikeclub@columbiabikeclub.com” And we will post it.

If you have a preference for a ride route please let me know and we will also share that information for your planning and coordination

Schedule updates will now be twice a week, usually on Sunday and Wednesday. Rides start based on individual planning. The Club Meeting is at 7:30 PM, anything else is a "fat finger error" :)

For daily schedule changes check the Columbia Bicycle Club or Columbia Easy Riders on Facebook:

Schedule & Route information available at http://columbiaeasyriders.com
As with all Columbia Bicycle Club rides wearing of a helmet is mandatory. Please have a water bottle and spare tube with you. There will be someone with a pump and the knowledge of how to change a tire on the ride. However you will need a spare tube if you have a flat.
Usual Starting Locations: Louisville Park (corner of Smith Road and Louisville);
        Perry Philips Park (Off Gans)
       Burr Oak Brewery (Please park on the street)
       Fairgrounds South Gate
      Airport (Overflow Lot)
Sunday: Apr 18 Cloudy with temps in 60s Noon about 59 Sunset 7:49 pm
Monday: Apr 19 Mostly Sunny with temps in 60s  Noon about 51 Sunset 7:50 pm
Tuesday: Apr 20 94% Chance of Wet with temps in 40s Noon about 35 Sunset 7:51 pm
Wednesday: Apr 21 Partly Cloudy with temps in 50s Noon about 40 Sunset 7:52 pm
Thursday: Apr 22 Partly Cloudy with temps in 50s Noon about 50 Sunset 7:53 pm
Friday: Apr 23 50% Chance of Wet with temps in 50s Noon about 52 Sunset 7:54 pm
Saturday: Apr 24 28% Chance of Wet with temps in 60s Noon about 51 Sunset 7:55 pm
Sunday: Apr 25 Sunny with temps in 60s Noon about 55 Sunset 7:56 pm
Rides during Week
Please post your rides
Watch Facebook for invitations to ride
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