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Welcome Page
This Week's Rides
Rides to look forward to:
Columbia and Nearby
Easy Rider Planner
When a resonable chance of remaining Dry above 50 and below 90

Be Safe and Hydrate. Don't forget your sun screen.

Watch Facebook for invitations to ride

Aug 3: 7:30 PM Bicycle Club Meeting

Aug 21: Booneville Festival of the Arts Bike Ride

When you have time share your ride and invite others to join

Richard Liebman has a 1989 Santana tandem for sale for $500.00 It has brand new Tannus tires(solid core). Interested contact Richard at R.liebman48@gmail.
We may have an Easy Ride Reunion Ride after the current health crisis passes.

This week sunset will be about 8:20 P.M.  As late as it gets, slowly getting earlier.  Daylight Savings Ends Sunday Nov 7
Link to Missouri Bicycle Federation Website & Missouri events Calendar

Contact Numbers: Put these in your Cell Phone for ready reference:

Boone County Animal Control number 573-449-1888.

Hwy Patrol: 573-751-1000

Boone County Sheriff: 573-875-111

Callaway County Sheriff: 573-642-7291

Click Here to Link to Walt's Bike Shop Website
Click here to link to Cyclextreme

Motorist Contact Letter--MBF will send a letter to motorists who threaten or endanger bicyclists. Repeat offenders will be tracked. Just get the license plate and report it to us.

Tip of the week: At a stop sign it is not considered a full stop unless one foot touches the ground.
Easy Rider Starting Points
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