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This Week's Rides
Rides to look forward to:
Columbia and Nearby
Easy Rider Planner
When a resonable chance of remaining Dry above 50 and below 90

Be Safe and Wash Often.

Our next club event will be our Annual Chili Ride to welcome the new year. This year we will start from the Twin Lakes Recreation Area off Chapel Hill at 11:00 AM

Watch Facebook for invitations to ride
We will have an Easy Ride Reunion Ride after the current health crisis passes.

This week sunset will be about 4:49 P.M. We will be losing about a minute a day til sunset.
Link to Missouri Bicycle Federation Website & Missouri events Calendar

Contact Numbers: Put these in your Cell Phone for ready reference:

Boone County Animal Control number 573-449-1888.

Hwy Patrol: 573-751-1000

Boone County Sheriff: 573-875-111

Callaway County Sheriff: 573-642-7291

Click Here to Link to Walt's Bike Shop Website
Click here to link to Cyclextreme

Motorist Contact Letter--MBF will send a letter to motorists who threaten or endanger bicyclists. Repeat offenders will be tracked. Just get the license plate and report it to us.

Tip of the week: At a stop sign it is not considered a full stop unless one foot touches the ground.
Easy Rider Starting Points
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