Easy Riders are a group of amateur riders out to have fun. We "ride to eat" our pace varies from 11 to 15 mph and we ride from 20 to 60 miles depending on the day and how far we are into the season.
This is a special note to report that we are changing how we do rides. Instead of scheduling planned rides, for which we have had minimal response, we will be asking riders to post a ride they are planning to make as an invitation for others to join them. Initially we are asking you to post a planned ride on either the Columbia Bicycle Club Facebook Page “Columbia Bike Club” ; Easy Riders Facebook Page “Columbia Easy Riders” or send your planned ride to “bikeclub@columbiabikeclub.com” And we will post it.
We leave no one behind. As you start out with us it is important that you ride your own pace as you develop your road skills. There are always spin off routes if you do not think you want to do the full scheduled ride. Just let us know how far you would like to go and we will tell you when it’s time to break off. As you build your stamina and endurance you will soon be with the front pack, or you may just be happy to stay with me at the rear.
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Updated 9/15/2021 
Updates will be twice a week usually on Sunday and Wednesday during Daylight Savings
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